Toothless Consulting, Inc. offers a wide-range of security consulting services to clients. We build on our many years of experience in secure design and analysis of a wide range of products, from embedded systems and automotive to RTL design and transistor-level analysis of smartcards. We offer clients services to help clients design, develop and secure their own products, including trainings to boost employee qualification, design audits, as well as supply chain analysis. We also offer unique hardware assessments tailored to the client's needs. Assessments include vulnerability assessments, blackbox analysis and competitor analysis.

Services that we offer, but are not limited to, include:


  • Cold-Storage Solutions
  • Hardware wallet solutions
  • Risk assessments
  • Exchange Integration
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Multi-party signatures


  • IoT (Internet of things)
  • Embedded device security
  • Secure bootloaders/update mechanisms
  • Authentication Mechanisms
  • RTL-Design
  • Secure PCB design and layout

Custom Tools

  • Real-time protocol analyzers
  • Protocol loggers
  • Hardware glitchers
  • Hardware fuzzers
  • Laboratory instrumentation

Design Reviews

  • Early-stage design
  • Secure architectures
  • Security configurations
  • Update mechanisms
  • Tamper evident/resilient designs

Blackbox Analysis

  • Competitor analysis
  • Schematic reconstruction
  • Firmware extraction
  • DRM
  • Replacement for obsolete devices

Supply Chain Analysis

  • Production in insecure environments
  • Retrofitting anti-coutnerfeit mechanisms
  • Counterfeit device analysis
  • Counterfeit device prevention
  • Counterfeit device mitigation