4-Day Hardware Hacking and Instrumentation with FPGAs

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02 June 2020 - 05 June 2020
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AdvancedSecurity.Training Online Platform
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Event Overview

All upcoming Hardware Security Trainings are on offer through our partner Advanced Security Training (AS.T).

Training Overview

Dmitry Nedospasov's 4-day "Hardware Hacking and Instrumentation with FPGAs" is one the world's leading courses on hardware security. The course is ideally suited for both hardware engineers who wish to better understand potential security issues that may exist in hardware implementations and software security engineers who may lack experience in analyzing hardware and embedded systems. The training teaches participants a unique hybrid hardware/software workflow that is extremely effective for identifying security issues in hardware, embedded devices, automotive and IoT (Internet of Things). Students will be familiarized with the concepts of hardware analysis and have a first-hand chance to build and instrument the analysis of hardware targets using FPGAs.

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