Our favorite talks from REcon Brussels.

Recon Brussels featured a lot of great talks this year. One of our favorites was David Hulton's Legacy Crypto Never Dies. This talk covers how a server full of FPGA's is still way more effective for cracking keys than a farm full of GPUs. Chris Gerlinky had an excellent talk on Breaking Code Read Protection on the NXP LPC-family Microcontrollers. We enjoyed Chris' talk so much, that we've decided to add it as a fifth day assignment to our training. Our five-day training is only offered in Berlin and for customers that opt for an onsite training.

Are you new to embedded, IoT or hardware in general? Is you team inexperienced with FPGAs or hardware security? One of the questions we get the most is whether or not we do onsite trainings for clients. The answer is yes. If you're interested in getting a quote for an onsite training, we've streamlined the process. Simply use the onsite quotation form on our website. We offer onsite trainings starting at just 5 participants. We recommend our 4 or 5-day training formats. Customization of the training material is possible as well. We've also offered our onsite clients licensing options to offer the trainings internally to new employees.

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